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WATER TREATMENTS are an oasis for balance and harmony. Indulge in luxury while nurturing therapist help you regenerate your body, mind and soul. It’s a place that heals…a sanctuary for total well-being. It’s a Temple of Beauty.

Water is our signature element for our spa and the natural force for our well-being program. It is essential to all life and is therapeutic for body and mind.

Our healing treatments are designed to reduce stress, stimulate blood circulation, hydrate the skin, soothe body aches, relax tense muscles, and aid in sinus and migraine headaches, sports injuries and rheumatism.

Our beautifying treatments are designed to burn calories, relax, detoxify, rejuvenate, remineralize, hydrate, moisture and exfoliate skin.

Enjoy these services in our large private hydrotherapy tub and rain shower room where you’ll be assisted by a certified specialist.

We ask that you leave your jewelry at home and do not shave your legs the day of service.

All water treatments are followed by a relaxation period where guests are encouraged to drink plenty of water to restore the body’s natural balance.

I. Seaweed Volcanic Mud Mixed with Essential Oils - $60/1hr.

Your body is covered with luxurious minerals and wrapped in a thermal blanket. During the process enjoy a neck and head massage. Finish with a rain shower and moisturizer. This is great for those who need detoxification and pore cleansing. The wrap purifies and remineralizes, helping the body to rejuvenate and balance itself.

II. Sea Salt Glow - $60/1hr.

This is an excellent all over intense body exfoliation. Sea salt removes dry skin and clenses pores leaving the skin feeling clean and soft. Enjoy a back and foot massage followed by a Rain Shower and moisturizer.

III. Coconut Milk Body Glow - $60/hr.

Escape to the Tropics with this luxurious mix of fresh coconut milk and warm sugar scrub to naturally exfoliate and guard the skin from free radical damage, followed by a refreshing Rain shower to hydrate.

IV. Eucalyptus Wrap - $60/1hr.

A powerful antiseptic with a marked effect on the respiratory system. Also helps to soothe and energize sore, tired muscles! We’ll wrap you in warm blankets with fresh eucalyptus for a wonderful sensory journey.

V. Chocolate Glaze With Cocoa Butter Scrub - $120/1hr. 30 min.

Indulge yourself in a blanket of warm chocolate! Let the oils moisturize your skin, while the chocolate reduces stress and uplifts your mood into complete serenity! Followed by a luxurious cocoa butter scrub and rain shower to soften and hydrate.

Awaken your seven chakras ( your body energy zones) in a Vinchy Shower. Imagine a rain shower bar with seven adjustable, pressure and temperature control heads that are directed to the major centers of your body.

Whether a fine mist or dense as a full rain this pressure allows for a more thorough water massage and can be directed to a specific muscle. Also, the Vinchy Shower is excellent for stress reduction, minor depression and aids in relief of sinus and migraine headaches. The Rain Shower is a excellent conclusion after a tub treatment, body wrap or a massage.

Hydrotherapy Healing & Beautifying Baths

Multiple underwater air jets work to massage sore, tired muscles and relieve stress. These jets are directed toward areas of concern. Begin the bath of your choice with a cleansing Umbrella Shower.

I. Rejuvenating Sea Soak - $50/30min.

This is an excellent way to remineralize and rejuvenate your entire body. Let the power of seaweed detoxify your system while burning calories. Excellent for reducing water retention and body swelling, while you soak we’ll message your scalp and hands.

II. Healing Sea Salt Bath - $50/30min.

In the beginning there was the sea…forever soothing to the body, mind and soul. Saltwater, a timeless remedy for inflammations. We’ll massage your shoulders, neck, scalp and hands while your body soaks in the salt of the ocean. Excellent for joint stiffness, muscle inflammation and sports related injuries. This treatment also hydrates and moisturizes the skin and increases circulation.

III. Tranquil Tub Treatment - $50/30min.

Allow your mind and body to drift quietly while soaking in an array of herbs and flower petals. Sort candles, fragrant aromas, tranquil music and a scalp and hand massage will carry you away. Benefits, peace and tranquility.

IV. Cleopatra Tub Treatment - $60/30min.

A luxurious milk and honey bath with plant and flower essence. A journey for all the senses, you’ll think you’re floating on the Nile as underwater massage jets spin the milk and honey which nourishes your skin and restores it to a soft silken state. Feel the balance, soak in the harmony of rose petals, flickering candles and soft soothing music while you sip lemon and cucumber water. Benefits, body will look and feel younger and refreshed, relieves stress. V.

Chocolate Bath - $50/30min.

Believe it or not! Chocolate is a wonderful stimulate for all of your senses. Feel alive and decadent at the same time. What could be better than bathing in chocolate.

VI. Peppermint Patty Bath - $50/30min.

Invigorate your senses while relaxing in a bath with pure peppermint and vanilla. Great for blood circulation and stress reduction, this bath promises to balance your chakras as well as leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation!

VII. Creamsicle - $50/30min.

Immerse yourself in harmony while nourishing your skin in a health emaciation of oranges, vanilla and milk! Let the antioxidant formula of the vitamin C protect, while the vanilla and milk moisturize!