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Teen Package - $95 / 2hrs. 30 min. approx.

Hydrating Facial, Aromatherapy Manicure, Makeup Lesson & Application, Eyebrow Arching

Mini Day of Beauty - $115 / 3hrs. approx.

Haircut and style, manicure with Paraffin dip, pedicure, make-up application

Salon Day of Beauty - $150 / 5hrs. approx.

Haircut and style, manicure with Paraffin dip, pedicure, hydrating facial, make-up application, light lunch

Spa Day of Beauty - $160 / 5hrs. approx.

Aromatherapy body wrap or Swedish massage, hydrating facial, pedicure, shampoo and style, light lunch

Ultimate Day of Beauty - $220 / 6hrs. approx.

Haircut and style, Paraffin manicure and pedicure, scalp treatment, hydrating facial, Aromatherapy body wrap or Swedish massage, make=up instruction and application, light lunch


And for the over 21 crowd, Come join us for a day or evening escape with friends or family.

Martini madness…offering all the latest martini flavors. Caramel apple, Marilyn Monroe, Star Tress escape, white chocolate. These will be accompanied with other refreshments.  How awesome would it be to sip on a martini while enjoying our spa escape.

The spa packages we offer are:

Spa Escape - $150

Hydrating facial, Swedish massage, hydrating pedi and astrology reading.

Wine and Cheese - $145

If you’re a wine lover you’ll appreciate this one. Have a variety of cheese to pair with a red or white wine (your choice) Manicure, hydro tub treatment, facial and reflexology.

Chocoholic - $170

Gourmet chocolates, truffles and a fab choco martini. Chocolate tub treatment, Swedish massage and a chocolate facial.

Mojito Madness - $170

Enjoy a refreshing mojito while snacking on salsa and chips…PARTY!!!!! Mint oil massage for tired achy bones and muscles,A mojito body wrap and finish with a mojito pedi…..you’ll be able to run a mile after this one!

Out of control? Turn down the engines and head to Star Tresses Grand Salon and Day Spa where a better way of life awaits you.

I. The Water Journey - $90/1hr. 45 min.

1. Tub (tranquil bathe)
2. Scrub (exfoliating scrub)
3. Shower (invigorating rain shower)

II. Energizing Excursion - $145/1hr. 45. Min

This package will relieve your sinuses and headaches and rejuvenate you . Begin with . . energizing oil tub treatment

1. Cocoa Butter scrub
2. Seaweed wrap with a light facial massage
3. Invigorating rain shower
4. Lunch

III. Island Indulgence - $160/2hrs. 30min.

Begin your getaway with a sensory journey selecting a scent just right for you, then enjoy a relaxing tub treatment.

1. A body scrub
2. A soothing rain shower
3. Aromatherapy body wrap massage
4. Lunch

IV. Chocolate Serenity - $210/3hrs. approx.

1. Chocolate bath
2. Cocoa butter scrub
3. Rain shower
4. Hydrating facial
5. Chocolate glaze pedicure
6. Aromatherapy manicure
7. Lunch